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We welcome contributions from the greater community. If you would like to make such a contributions we recommend first submitting an issue describing your proposed improvement. Doing so can ensure we can validate your suggestions before you spend a great deal of time upon them. Improvements and bug fixes should be made via a pull request from your fork of the repository at

All code in pull requests should adhere to the following guidelines.

Found a bug or want to suggest an enhancement?#

Please submit an issue in which you note the steps to reproduce the bug or in which you detail the enhancement.

Making a pull request?#

When making a pull request we require that any code respects several guidelines detailed below.


All python code in this repository should be formatted using black. To use black auto-formatting across all files, simply run

bash scripts/

which will run black auto-formatting as well as docformatter (used to auto-format documentation strings).


Our code makes liberal use of type hints. If you have not had experience with type hinting in python we recommend reading the documentation of the typing python module or the simplified introduction to type hints found here. All methods should have typed arguments and output. Furthermore we use mypy to perform basic static type checking. Before making a pull request, there should be no warnings or errors when running

dmypy run -- --follow-imports=skip .

Explicitly ignoring type checking (for instance using # type: ignore) should be only be done when it would otherwise be an extensive burden.

Setting up pre-commit hooks (optional)#

Pre-commit hooks check that, when you attempt to commit changes, your code adheres a number of formatting and type-checking guidelines. Pull requests containing code not adhering to these guidelines will not be accepted and thus we recommend installing these pre-commit hooks. Assuming you have installed all of the project requirements, you can install our recommended pre-commit hooks by running (from this project's root directory)

pre-commit install

After running the above, each time you run git commit ... a set of pre-commit checks will be run.