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Structure of the codebase#

The codebase consists of the following directories: allenact, datasets, docs, overrides, allenact_plugins, pretrained_model_ckpts, projects, scripts, and tests. Below, we explain the overall structure and how different components of the codebase are organized.

allenact directory#

Contains runtime algorithms for on-policy and off-policy training and inference, base abstractions used throughout the code base and basic models to be used as building blocks in future models.

  • allenact.algorithms includes on-policy and off-policy training nd inference algorithms and abstractions for losses, policies, rollout storage, etc.

  • allenact.base_abstractions includes the base ExperimentConfig, distributions, base Sensor, TaskSampler, Task, etc.

  • allenact.embodiedai includes basic CNN, and RNN state encoders, besides basic ActorCriticModel implementations for embodied AI tasks.

datasets directory#

A directory made to store task-specific datasets. For example, the script datasets/ can be used to automatically download task dataset files for Point Navigation within the RoboTHOR environment and it will place these files into a new datasets/robothor-pointnav directory.

docs directory#

Contains documentation for the framework, including guides for installation and first experiments, how-to's for the definition and usage of different abstractions, tutorials and per-project documentation.

overrides directory#

Files within this directory are used to the look and structure of the documentation generated when running mkdocs. See our FAQ for information on how to generate this documentation for yourself.

allenact_plugins directory#

Contains implementations of ActorCriticModels and Tasks in different environments. Each plugin folder is named as {environment}_plugin and contains three subfolders:

  1. configs to host useful configuration for the environment or tasks.
  2. data to store data to be consumed by the environment or tasks.
  3. scripts to setup the plugin or gather and process data.

pretrained_model_ckpts directory#

Directory into which pretrained model checkpoints will be saved. See also the pretrained_model_ckpts/ which can be used to download such checkpoints.

projects directory#

Contains project-specific code like experiment configurations and scripts to process results, generate visualizations or prepare data.

scripts directory#

Includes framework-wide scripts to build the documentation, format code, run_tests and start an xserver. The latter can be used for OpenGL-based environments having super-user privileges in Linux, assuming NVIDIA drivers and xserver-xorg are installed.

tests directory#

Includes unit tests for allenact.

allenact.utils directory#

It includes different types of utilities, mainly divided into:

  • allenact.utils.experiment_utils, including the TrainingPipeline, PipelineStage and other utilities to configure an experiment.
  • allenact.utils.model_utils, including generic CNN creation, forward-pass helpers and other utilities.
  • allenact.utils.tensor_utils, including functions to batch observations, convert tensors into video, scale image tensors, etc.
  • allenact.utils.viz_utils, including a VizSuite class that can be instantiated with different visualization plugins during inference.
  • allenact.utils.system, including logging and networking helpers.

Other utils files, including allenact.utils.misc_utils, contain a number of helper functions for different purposes.