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Defining abstract loss classes for actor critic models.


class AbstractOffPolicyLoss(Generic[ModelType],  Loss)


Abstract class representing an off-policy loss function used to train a model.


 | @abc.abstractmethod
 | loss(step_count: int, model: ModelType, batch: ObservationType, memory: Memory, *args, **kwargs, *, ,) -> Tuple[torch.FloatTensor, Dict[str, float], Memory, int]


Computes the loss.

Loss after processing a batch of data with (part of) a model (possibly with memory).


  • model: model to run on data batch (both assumed to be on the same device)
  • batch: data to use as input for model (already on the same device as model)
  • memory: model memory before processing current data batch


A tuple with:

current_loss: total loss current_info: additional information about the current loss memory: model memory after processing current data batch bsize: batch size